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Posted in Uncategorized on 02.02.2009 by ethanawhite

latham and i have been back in chicago for a couple of days now–the tour ended really well, and it’s great to be home. i need to do one more recap, but readjusting to home life and catching up with loved ones, friends, cats, and going back to school (for me) or work (for latham) has sort of intervened in getting photos and stories from the last few week of the tour up. check back on wednesday for that.

in the meantime, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped us out in ways big or small–we couldn’t have done this without a really staggering amount of generous assistance from friends, new and old, who offered lodging, food, directions, advice, equipment, services, or simply good company to our road-weary asses. we met a ton of fantastic people on this journey, and got to visit a lot of old friends; it’s really heartening and wonderful to know that there is a network of supportive people out there.

and of course, another gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who came out to one of our shows, paid good money to get us to our next destination, and maybe even dropped in a little extra to help us get a coffee or beer. we had really sweet and enthusiastic audiences, pretty much across the board, which is another fabulous thing to know exists out there in the world.