tour recap 3!

after a 7 hour drive from phoenix marked by 3 hours of super-emotional democracy now! podcasts, about 2 hours of jane fonda recalling her childhood (20 hours left!) and almost hitting a dog somewhere in new mexico (terrifying!), latham and i rolled into albuquerque, where the highway overpasses are a coral-y orange with blue highlights. this place is cute, for sure–reads a lot more “southwest” than phoenix, for sure!

we stopped by the guild cinema, dropped off our mini-DV tapes with kief, the owner/operator, then wandered into this strange salon/gift shop/cafe/sandwich shop, hoping to get a beer and some wifi. place was totally dead, and the staff was totally weird. after sitting down with our bevs, we realized there was NO internet, even though they’d told us they had it. OH WELL. we did get to hang out in a little alcove separated by beaded curtains, along with an entire wall of novelty greeting cards. hooray.

we were basically waiting for sarah from basement films to get out of class; the screening wasn’t until 9:45, so pre-show dinner was in order. we ended up making burritos and a salad at sarah’s house, which was a fabulous idea; homemade food has NOT been a consistent occurence on this here trip, and it really hit the spot.

then it was time for the screening! check this out:

were on the marquee!

we're on the marquee!

sarah also made a really cool poster for the screening:

no gelato, yes queer videos

no gelato, yes queer videos

the guild is a really cool, small independent movie house; if you’re ever in albuquerque, i highly recommend checking it out. i mean, look at this popcorn guy!

wheeeee! butter!

wheeeee! butter!

latham programming

latham "programming" (and also clearly humoring me)

then, a very nice crowd strolled in; we got written up in the local weekly, which always helps. here they are!

very comfy crowd at the guild

very enthusiastic folks, with some good questions. they also very very kindly dropped a generous amount of money into our donation bucket (which for some reason we didn’t bring along with us). our NPR-style pleas for gas money must be just desperate enough–either that or people really do like the program!

or perhaps everyone loves badly drawn pacman ghosts.

or perhaps everyone loves badly drawn pacman ghosts.

after the screening we downed a couple of growlers worth of beer with our host sarah and her boyfriend ben; we really can’t thank the two of them enough for the food, drink and great conversation. our stay in albuquerque was definitely brief, but truly fantastic! here’s a sneaky snapshot i took of the two of them at breakfast this morning:

sarah + ben

right after this picture was taken, latham and i hopped in the car and drove for 13 fucking hours. we listened to a bit more of jane fonda’s autobiography, a fair amount of barbara ehrenreich (we picked up “nickel and dimed” way back in portland, as well as a collection of essays at the phoenix public library), some democracy now, some radiolab… basically anything to make the time go by quicker as things turned from relatively scenic west texas landscape to pitch-black tunnel-esque we-are-in-the-middle-of-fucking-nowhere night driving. around dusk, i got pulled over doing 90 mph in an 80 zone, outside of fort stockton, tx. fortunately, the cop let me off with a warning. the fear of getting pulled over again, coupled with the 65 mph nighttime speed limit (aka LAME SHIT), seriously slowed us down, making for some of the most taxing driving of the trip so far (seriously, it’s a tossup between that and the slushy mountain snowstorm in west montana/idaho–yes, today was that bad).

so anyway, we made it to austin, having only slightly lost our minds. i dropped latham off at his friend jordan’s house, and made my way to meet up with ivan, who helped us organize tomorrow’s screening. i’m crashing with a friend of his, heyd, who has a lovely home, a sweet old dog, and a nice bottle of whiskey. not to mention more homemade food ready and waiting for me! really, the people who are helping us out along the way on this trek are just too fabulous. they run the whole spectrum of old friends to new acquaintences, but they’ve been uniformly generous and helpful and kind and and and…

and, it’s 3:30 in the morning, i was in a car all day, and i had a fair amount of whiskey this evening, so i should probably just call it a night. tomorrow is lookin’ to be really, really great–ivan and the folks at the austin gay and lesbian international film festival have done a lot of promotion, people are excited about the screening, and latham and i are DJing afterwards at the cockpit! yeah!


echo park crowd

echo park crowd

as lisa from the echo park film center kind of brilliantly put it when she sent me the pic: “Matt had a shaky hand that night but it definitely adds to the mysterious Channeling vibe!” indeed it does! thanks to lisa and matt both!


4 Responses to “tour recap 3!”

  1. We are super excited about you coming to Shreveport (or what I call SB Land).

  2. ethanawhite Says:

    great! we’re excited to be coming, it sounds like it’s going to be fun!

  3. I saw the program in Albuquerque. It’s too bad we didn’t fill out the theatre a bit more, but it was a really nice collection of pieces. I was especially intrigued/surprised by The Epistemology of Disco. I also really liked Compromise. But many good things throughout. Thanks for bringing Channeling our way!

  4. ethanawhite Says:

    thanks kevin, glad you liked the show! we had a wonderful time in albuquerque.

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