channeling in kansas city!

well, the Stud was a dud. i would love to regale you with fabulous stories and hot pictures of what went down last night, but alas, nothing of the sort occured. but no worries. the screening at ATA tomorrow night is looking pretty promising, we’ve been getting good press in the papers, and hey, it’s san francisco! record high temperatures all this week; it’s been absolutely gorgeous thus far, and clearly there’s no shortage of things to do. i’ve already made my pilgrimage to amoeba and picked up a bounty of sylvester records and $1.99 party jams. now it’s time to get out of this coffee shop and wander around the mission, stuff myself with tacos and get something fabulous from tartine. YES!

one quick announcement: CHANNELING is coming to kansas city! that’s right, we’ve added one more show to the end of this already extensive journey. here are the details:

January 30th [Friday] / KANSAS CITY, MO
8pm @
UCP’s La Esquina
1000 West 25th St.
$3-6 sliding scale donation
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One Response to “channeling in kansas city!”

  1. This is fantastic! I’m thrilled you added Kansas City and can’t wait for the event. I’ll make sure we (PROMO) put it out to our members.

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