DIVA show! san frandisco! + updated show info!

we made it into san francisco last night! very happy to be here, seeing old friends and enjoying AMAZING weather (record highs!). we finally have updated info for our albuquerque and austin shows–check the link to the right.

also, rumor has it that we’ll be adding a show in kansas city on the 30th and–get ready–a show across the pond this spring. OMG! details coming soon…

san francisco folks! don’t forget that we’re DJing tonight!

January 14th [Wednesday] / SAN FRANCISCO
FRUITBASKET DJs @ The Stud // benefit party for the CHANNELING tour
399 9th St // 9pm – 2am // $3

monday night’s show at DIVA in eugene went great! we had a fantastic turnout and it was lovely to chat with the folks who run the space–truly a fabulous place to have a screening. thanks to everyone at DIVA, our host josh faught, and josh’s students, who turned out in force!

thats our host josh facing the camera!

that's our host josh facing the camera!

and heres the the lovely crowd!

and here's the the lovely crowd!


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