tour recap!

hi folks!

sorry i haven’t been able to post very regularly thus far on the tour–a whole lot of things have transpired that have kept me from having the time and/or patience. the short version is that after two monster days of driving westward, from minneapolis toward seattle, we got stuck in ellensburg, washington, due to all the floods/mudslides/avalanches that were happening in that area, and missed our show at the northwest film forum in seattle.

before i get to all that, let me go back to the beginning.


we pulled into st. paul, where we were staying with our kind and gracious host ira yonemura, about two hours before showtime. after grabbing a bite at the wedge co-op, we trekked over to the art of this gallery for the screening. the screening was organized dan and eric of the revolting queers, a twin-cities based collective, and their crew turned out in force! we had 35+ people turn out on a frigid sunday night–amazing! here’s a photo of the crowd (there were more folks crammed in along the edges), some revolting queers zines, and our host ira with latham:

the crowd in minneapolis

revolting zines

revolting zines

ira + latham

ira + latham

big thanks to everyone who came out, the great people who run art of this, and the revolting queers! and since it coincided nicely with the last piece in the program, (tell me why): the epistemology of disco, don’t forget to check out the minneapolis queer dance party PEGASUS on the 16th of this month–the theme is DISCO HEAT! sounds awesome.


the next morning we jumped in our nifty rental car and sped out across the great northern plains, crossing north dakota and making it to miles city, montana, after about 12 hours of driving. the next day, we made great time across montana before getting slowed down in the western mountain ranges that cross into idaho. heavy snow, slushy roads, and winding mountain passes at night made for a pretty hairy four hours, all of which led us to call it quits for the night in spokane, washington, figuring we’d get up the next day and slog through the last five or six hours to seattle.

little did we know that that very snowstorm would close all three of the east-west mountain passes, flood I-5 (the main route between seattle and portland), and close off every feasible alternate route. no, we thought we’d hang out in ellensburg, fork over the cash for an extra night at a local motel, and all would be right in the morning.

you should be able to guess by now that we were pretty damn wrong. i thought i’d found an alternate route that involved driving southwest, to portland, then up I-5 to the point where the floods had closed it, then around through some smaller state highways, so we jumped into the car, drove a good six hours to get around and entire mountain range, basically, only to be turned back some 15 miles into our supposed alternate route (yes, we did ignore the repeated offical broadcasts that said there was no detour).

see, all along the way we thought shit was totally going to work out because we saw about a dozen rainbows as we sped along the columbia river. i mean, what else could you want to signal that we were on the right path?

double rainbow on the columbia river!

double rainbow on the columbia river!

anyway, the end result of this was that we missed our seattle screening at the northwest film forum. fortunately, we had sent them a DVD ahead of time, so the show went on without us. by all accounts, it was well-loved by the friendly people who made it out that night.

latham and i drove back to portland and began frantically calling everyone we knew who might be able offer us a place to stay. the wonderful megan holmes, who we’d been in contact with about trying to get a show in portland (and whom we’d never met in person, might i add) saved the day and offered to let us crash at her place. we grabbed a beer at a very interesting gay sports bar, dropped off our stuff at megan’s, munched on some tasty vegan food at bye and bye, and prayed to every queer spirit we knew that the highway would open so we could at least make it up to seattle to hang out the next day, as planned.

lo and behold, whatever we did worked. before taking off for seattle, we had brunch with vanessa renwick at vita cafe. it was really fabulous to get to hang out with one of our artists, and might i add that vita’s “country breakfast” is possibly the ideal combination of delicious marginally-healthy vegetarian breakfast foods. chicago brunch spots, take note.

alas, this is not the car we are driving. tragic.

alas, this is not the car we are driving. tragic.

so after a pit stop at reading frenzy and powell’s books (both pretty awesome), we drove up to seattle to visit the fabulous former chicagoan ben de la creme. ben was to host a brand-new burlesque show on saturday night called FABULUXE at sonya’s, so we absolutely had to make the trip up. it was, of course, a delightful evening that ended up with very memorable late-night pizza excursion. unless i am drastically mistaken, fabuluxe will be occuring monthly, so if you’re in seattle, do yourself a favor. and hey, thanks to the wonderfulness of “ChrisB in SEA” and flickr, you can check out some pictures from the show!

this is what happens on tour when you stop to drink....

this is what happens on tour when you stop to drink.... sit around and take pictures across the table. sit around and take pictures across the table.

latham + ben de la creme

latham + ben de la creme


yesterday evening we left lovely seattle and the still-sodden washington state for eugene, oregon, for our host and university of oregon prof josh faught‘s comfy abode, and our next screening. latham presented his work in josh’s very interesting queer theory class this morning [course title withheld due to copyright concerns, wink wink], and we’re about to head over to DIVA for tonight’s screening. we’re only a couple hours away, so barring some sort of insane flash flood, it looks like we’ll make this one! if you’re in the area, we’ll see you there.

tomorrow we head to san francisco! check out this great recommendation in SF weekly!


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  1. I was wondering what ever happened to Ben!

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