enchanted highway

we’d hiding out at a glorious chain motel in miles city, montana, having blasted through 1200+ miles in the past two days. we have 15 minutes to check out, but before we go i wanted to make a few announcements.

1) we’ve added a show in san diego!

January 19th [Monday] / San Diego
8pm @
Agitprop Gallery
2837 University Avenue
$5 suggested donation
RSVP to this event on Facebook

2) we’re DJing in san francisco!

January 14th [Wednesday] / SAN FRANCISCO
FRUITBASKET DJs @ The Stud // benefit party for the CHANNELING tour
399 9th St // 9pm – 2am // $3

3) i’ve added a link to the right where you can follow me on twitter! if i can figure out how to integrate it into the page i will, but for now, visit me @ethanawhite to read short updates on what’s going on, ridiculous roadway signage, mileage counts, etc etc.

proper update coming soon, with pictures from our fabulous first show in minneapolis and more!


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