last CHANNELING screening in chicago! and other fun stuff!

friends and fans!

we’ve got some rad events lined up in our slowly frosting home city this weekend. please come out and support us as we try to raise money for our decadent 24K solid-gold motorcoach tour bus with diamond rims and holograms and stuff. or rice and beans cooked over an open fire. it’s up to you!

and just to prove it’s all true, check out this nifty lil feature on edge chicago: channeling latham zearfoss

this is your LAST CHANCE to see CHANNELING in CHICAGO!

CHANNELING @ The Nightingale
1084 N Milwaukee
Friday Nov. 21st @ 8pm
$5 – $10 sliding scale

a wonderful screening of this year’s best film + video from young chicago artists curated by alexander stewart, including a piece by none other than latham zearfoss himself!

Chicago & The Universe @ Roots + Culture
1034 N Milwaukee
Saturday Nov. 22nd @ 8pm and 10pm

and to wrap it all up and shake it all down, Latham and I will be DJing the hideout’s infamous saturday night dance party!

Fruitbasket @ The Hideout
1354 W Wabansia
Saturday Nov. 22nd @ 11:30pm – 3:00am

ALSO: check the upcoming shows page for an updated list of confirmed january tour dates! whoa!


3 Responses to “last CHANNELING screening in chicago! and other fun stuff!”

  1. wiredwriting08 Says:

    Hi congrats Ethan, this all looks really interesting! Do you all do documentation of the shows? Cheers, Tiff

  2. cozybanshee Says:

    where does the show go next?

  3. ethanawhite Says:

    @tiff: thanks! we don’t document–i think if we added one more thing to keep track of, one of us would probably explode.

    @cozy: we don’t have any screenings planned until the tour starts; as of right now, the first date is in seattle on january 8th, although we might try to sneak something in on our drive out to the west coast. here’s hoping!

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